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Favorite PSP Games / Week 2

by Collin Hilder  |  March 17, 2009

This week I don't feel so much adventurous as I'm more in the mood for some strategy games filled with animation and a little bit of fun. In this category I found some very highly rated games, and also some enthusiastic reviews, which are based on the fact that the PSP versions for these games are very similar to the play station ones. The first strategy game I want to mention is:


Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

If you feel like playing a game filled with chivalry, knights, a king and a queen and lots of intrigue, then this is the one. It is a tactical game, developed from the “Final Fantasy Tactics“ version for the video console by the company Square Enix.

The storyline is built around the historian Arzalam Durai who wants to reveal the truth about the alternate history from the Final Fantasy world, by telling the real story of the “War of Lions” and by pointing out the true hero. The story is told through a framing device, creating flashbacks that are recurrent throughout the game. The game has elaborated full motion video playback during certain scenes and benefits from a wireless multiplying mode. The price range is between $19 up to $20.

After this old – school strategy game we move towards a very animated game also filled with warriors and tactics, only this time the warriors are cartoonish and their weapons are talking drums.

The second game is:



Is a real - time strategy game made in 2008, exclusively developed for PSP by the company Pyramid. Designed in a cartoonish manner, the game gives the player the possibility to command an army of caricatured tribal creatures who beat talking drums, in order to defeat the evil Zigoton tribe and get back their lands. As an ordinary army this too has an infantry, range troops and cavalry.

Out of the ordinary are the magical talking drums that inspire and accompany the little creatures with their magical, rhythmic beats. As a result, the game has an elaborated audio and an irresistible quirky charm. The price range is between $20 and $25.

The last game option for this week, and in my opinion the most exciting is:



Is an action - adventure game firstly made for PS2 and then modified for the PSP Slim and Lite by the company – Ready at Down. DAXTER was released in 2008 and is the successor of "JAK and DAXTER" series. The game has as a main character Daxter - an ottsel, which is a funny combination between a weasel and an otter. He exterminates bugs for a living. As a result, the weapons are specific to an exterminator and a little bit more: extermination tank, blue radial grenade and a lot of bug spray.

The game starts as a tale told in a bar by Daxter to his friends. The adventures depicted, in the attempt to save Jak (the other half of the couple “Jak and Dexter”) from the KRIMZON GUARD are filled with excitement, dynamics and humor.

The graphics of the game are comparable to the ones on PS2 and have rich and varied environments. Moreover, the animation of the game is quite impressive and the sound effects are well executed. In few words, I consider this game to be a great audio and video experience.


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