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Favorite PSP Games / Week 6

by Angela York  |  May 7, 2009

Week 6 is all about games which train your brains. So in this week we'll not talk about action or adventure, instead we will get enthusiast over those games which will make our gray cells stay focused. So the first game of the week is one of the most popular logic games of all times:

Go! Sudoku

Invented by an American architect in 1979, the game was popularized 7 years later – in 1986 by a Japanese company - Nikoli (the Japanese company also holds the trademark). The PSP version of the game - “Go! Sudoku” came out in 2005 in Europe and in 2006 in U.S.A and maintains the same objective: to fill in the nine rows, the nine columns and, implicitly, the nine grids with numbers from 1 to 9, with single occurrences of the numbers both horizontally and vertically.

Developed by Sumo Digital, “Go! sudoku” offers both the sudoku fanatics and the novices 1000 puzzles, tutorials and training modes. The puzzles are grouped in 4 levels of difficulty. In addition, on the official “Go! Sudoku” site the eager – beavers can download other 200 puzzles.

The PSP version allows the users to customize the background and to save the highest scores under “Best Times”. At a price of only $20 anyone can become a sudoku addict and can hope to take part in the “World Sudoku Championship”.

The second game for this week is a puzzle game which aims to increase mental agility while having fun:

Buzz! Brain Bender

Developed by Curve Studio, especially for PSP, in 2008, the game is a mix of 16 educational puzzles divided into four categories: observation, memory, analysis and mathematics. While playing, other 15 “challenge” levels are unlocked for even more fun. Having three difficulty levels, Buzz! Brain Bender succeeds to maintain alert one's attention.

The puzzles are very varied, well – presented and fun to play. The purpose of the game, as we can't really talk about a storyline, is to choose from multiple choice answers the correct one, respecting the time limit.

For a price of almost $20 one can test his knowledge and mental agility and then he can compare them with friends. The game succeeds to attract with the simple and colorful way in which the puzzles are presented.

The last game for this week is a pure educational game which wants to stimulate one's brain activity:

Mind Quiz

Published by UbiSoft and developed by Sega in 2006, Mind Quiz aims to keep the brain fit. The game is composed of 49 tests from four different areas: calculation, reflex, judgment and memory.

To start playing the game, one should create a profile, stating his name and date of birth. All the ulterior results will be available at any time, in the left part of the screen. Before starting the exams, one will take a “Brain Age Test” which involves answering to 4 types of questions. For the tests, the user will have to choose from multiple choice answer the right one. After all the tests are passed the great reward will be a photo gallery with cute animal pictures.

With a good interface and a multilayer feature, the game is interactive enough to capture one's attention. At a price around $15 Mind Quiz offers a “brainiac” experience on PSP.


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