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Portable vs. Home Entertainment / PSP vs. Playstation

by Wendy Brighton  |  March 2, 2009

In 1988 the history of Sony Play Station begins, when Sony and Nintendo decided to work together and develop the Super Disk; later their association fall apart and Sony transformed, by itself, the Super Disk into the Sony Playstation. After the arrival of Playstation 1 on the home entertainment market, and later Playstation 2, in 2006 Sony released the new and improved Playstation 3.

But as the needs of daily life changed so did Sony products and in 2004 the company released Playstation Portable 1000 - having as a model Playstation 2 ; later on, in 2008 Sony introduced on the portable entertainment market Playstation Portable 3000 - one of the most advanced game tools of its kind. Now the question will be: Why choose Home Entertainment instead of Portable Entertainment, that is Why choose Playstation 3 instead of PSP 3000?

As their names already suggest, one division regards indoor game playing, while the other outdoor playing.
But let's see the objective and subjective points of view :

Objective points of view 

Play Station


Is a game console, can listen to music, watch films and video, view pictures

Is a game console, an MP3 player, a movie player, can see pictures

Not so much easy to carry and transport

Is much smaller and compact, so it is perfect to use outdoor

Has wireless Internet link, can surf the net (check e-mail), has an Internet Browser

Has an Internet Browser and can use Skype call service

Has wireless controller


Can get in touch with friends through a Play Station Network Account and have chat sessions


Has a price between 239$ - 440$

Has a price of more or less 200$

points of view 

Play Station


Can enjoy it with friends, family

Can use it all by yourself - no fun

Can use it in the intimacy of your house

Can use it in different locations : at school - can be a distraction; on the street - can be a big and dangerous distraction; at work - can be just dangerous; on a trip - can make you miss the scenery

Can use it on a big screen TV

Has a smaller screen - not so good for watching movies

Has smaller chances to get broken - as you use it inside

More fragile - has a lot of chances to get broken and stolen

From an obsolete point of view - that is mine - I prefer the tools that can provide me with home entertainment,  meaning quality time spent with my friends or family in front of a game, as I can't see nothing  entertaining in playing by myself. That is, because, I feel better when I defeat a friend and not a machine. Of course I ask myself how can entertainment be portable? Entertainment is something that can make you feel good as you are in the company of others.

In the era of speed and more speed, there are well know the cases and situations of solitude, and in this case portable entertainment can fill them in. I am sure that for a game lover the problem will not be where to play but to play, so in this case both situations are accepted. So take your time, reflect and spend your money wisely.


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