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How To Lock and Unlock the iPhone

by Cory Fisher  |  May 25, 2009

Much like other gadgets on the market, the iPhone too has a lock function. Its main purpose is to prevent the touch screen from activating accidentally. Optionally, you can set a 4 digits code to unlock the iPhone. But if you don't, such a code is not required. The lock function is executed by the Sleep / Wake button which is situated in the top right part of the phone.

Locking the iPhone will still permit the user to receive calls and messages. Even more, the locking feature will not prevent the user to listen to music, to pause the music and to increase or decrease the volume.

To lock the iPhone you should only press once the Sleep / Wake button. Bare in mind the fact that if the touch screen is not touched for 1 minute, by default the iPhone will lock automatically. To unlock the iPhone follow these 2 simple steps:

    1. Press the Home or Sleep / Wake button; the Home button is the round button situated in the center – bottom of the iPhone.
    2. Slide across.

Apart from the manually locking possibility, the iPhone has also an “Auto – Lock“ feature. This feature helps maximizing the life of the battery and doesn't affect you if you listen to music or receive a call or message. To activate the “Auto – Lock” feature follow the steps:

    1. Go into “General”.
    2. Select “Auto – Lock” option.
    3. Choose a time after which the iPhone will lock.

It's important to know that if the “Auto – Lock” option is activated you can still use the manually lock feature.

To set a code lock do as following:

    1. Go into “General”.
    2. Select the “Passcode Lock” option.
    3. Enter a 4 digits code .
    4. Reenter the 4 digits code in order to be verified.

If you want to change the code do like this:

    1. Go into “General”
    2. Select “Passcode Lock”.
    3. Enter the 4 digits code.
    4. Choose the “Change Passcode” option.
    5. Enter your code again.
    6. Enter the new 4 digits code.
    7. Reenter the new 4 digits code.

To set off the code lock just follow the steps:

    1. Go into “General”.
    2. Select “Passcode Locke”.
    3. Enter the 4 digits code.
    4. Choose the “Turn Passcode Off” option.
    5. Reenter the 4 digits code.

A very important security feature in case you forget the 4 digits password or in case another person tries to access your smart phone is to set the iPhone to erase all information after 10 failed passcode attempts. To activate this feature do as following:

   1. Go into “General”.
    2. Select “Passcode Lock”.
    3. Type the 4 digits code.
    4. Choose “Erase Data”.
    5. Select “On” option.

Practically, such a procedure will delete all the information stored in the phone and will return the iPhone to the initial settings. The procedure can last up to 2 hours, time in which the iPhone can't be used.

Another option, in case of forgotten password, is to “restore the iPhone software”. This implies to reinstall the latest software version with the help of iTunes. Unfortunately all the data will be lost. The only way to recover the information stored on the iPhone is to restore the software from a backup, in iTunes.

Restoring the iPhone software requires the following steps:

    1. Install the latest version of iTunes.
    2. Connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac.
    3. Go into iTunes sidebar.
    4. Select “iPhone”.
    5. Choose “Summary” tab.
    6. Select “Check for Update”.
    7. Select “Restore”.

For information on "How To" lock and unlock the iPod check out the article: "How To Use the Screen Lock", written by Collin Hilder.


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