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How To Maximize the Battery Life of an iPhone

by Joshua Mitchell  |  May 18, 2009

The battery is a vital part when it comes to gadgets, as it offers the user the possibility to use and enjoy products for more hours. If without a feature a product is still functional, without the battery that gadget is useless.

Much like the iPod, the iPhone has an internal battery which can be recharged in two possible ways:

1. Use the USB cable and the power adapter to connect the iPhone to a power source.
2. Use only the USB cable to connect the iPhone to the USB 2.0 port of a PC or a Mac.

Unfortunately, all rechargeable batteries have a life limit and at some point they will need to be replaced. The particularity for an iPhone battery is that it needs to be replaced by Apple. Practically when the battery stops functioning the iPhone needs to be sent into service, after paying a service fee of 85.95$ (the fee includes the shipping + the actual replacement of the battery).

In such a case, you can only try to delay the “sending into service” moment by maximizing the battery lifespan of the iPhone. Before finding out exactly how such a thing is possible, it's important to mention the fact that there is a slightly difference between “battery life” and “battery lifespan”. The “battery life” refers to the amount of time the iPhone functions until it needs to be recharged and the “battery lifespan” is the total time the battery can be used before it needs to be replaced.

So, to maximize the battery lifespan follow these simple advices:

1. The first thing you should do is to keep the iPhone out of the sun or in places were the temperature surpasses 95 F / 35° C .
2. Also a very important step is to make sure that the iPhone is updated with the latest Apple software. In order to update the iPhone's software you need to follow the steps:

   a. install  iTunes (a 7.7 version or later).
   b. connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac.
   c. go into iTunes, select “Source List” and click “iPhone”.
   d. go into “Summary Panel” and select “Check for Updates”.
   e. choose: "Update” to install the newest software.

3. You should always lock the iPhone or set the “Auto – Lock” function when it is not used. The latter option will lock the iPhone after a predefined time of inactivity and it can be activated from the “Settings” menu of the iPhone.
4. Because iPhone has a lithium ion battery it is important to charge it at its full capacity at least once a month.
5. Last but not least, you need to optimize the use of  “Settings” as following:

   a. decrease the use of 3G; although it may be faster, the 3G technology can reduce the battery life / lifespan of your iPhone
   b. turn on “Auto – Brightness”; it will automatically and correctly adjust the brightness according to the available light sources.
   c. turn off the Bluetooth and the WI – FI options, if you don't / seldom use them.
   d. don't use excessively "Games" applications.
   e. try to minimize the use of applications which imply the utilize of location services, such as “Maps”.


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