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How To: Customize the iPod menu on iPhone

by Wendy Brighton  |  October 15, 2008

The only part of the iPhone that can be customized as to display the most frequent used applications, is the iPod part. Here is how to do this, so you can choose which favourite icons to view in the bottom part of the iPhone.
Iphone home screen
Take these few simple steps and by the time you say "i love my iPhone" you'll be done:

1. Look for the iPod part on your iPhone

2. Select the "More" button in the bottom right.

3. Select the "Edit" button in the top left. You'll see a screen with all the icons that you can put in the bottom line.

4. You can select an icon by tapping and holding on it, thus making it to enlarge.

5. Drag it to the place where you want to put it, or over the icon you want to replace. After you're in place, take the finger off the screen and the new icon will appear in its place in the bottom line.

6. Replace icons untill you're finished, and then tap the "Done" button in the top right.


Enjoy your new iPod menu!


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